Designing Value

A value-stream organisational design enables better execution of strategy, breaking down siloes, reducing hand-offs and removing friction that exists in traditional organisations. Designing value streams requires patience, experience and skill.  In this one-day workshop we will unpack the connection between strategy and your operating model and explore how to design a value stream based operating model. 



In this 1-day deep dive into designing Value Stream you will learn how a value-stream based organisational design promotes and enables execution of strategy, break down siloes, reduce hand-offs and remove friction that exists in traditional organisations.

Discover how to correctly utilise design tools like Team Topologies to visualise how value flows at scale and design interaction models to clarify cross team interlocks for planning and delivery. Learn how to align teams, define clear responsibilities, and optimise communication pathways.

Throughout the training we will work with real-world examples based on our years of experience working with major New Zealand organisations. We will demonstrate the impact of effective value stream design and how organisation's have adapted the approach to their unique context.



Key Learning Outcomes


During this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Understand how to use organisational strategy to identify the correct Value Streams
  • Learn how different types of work require different approaches to delivering value
  • Build a common language and understanding on what the organisational elements are that enable Value Streams
  • Learn the Team Topologies approach to visualise your teams setup
  • Explore different collaboration and interaction patterns
  • Understand the governance and ways of working that supports Value-Stream based organisations
  • How to build-in design that allows for flexibility and adaptability
  • Learn about common pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to adpat the approach to your organisation



We only run this course as a private, in-house course.

Designing Value Streams Workshop