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What makes the best Scrum Master training? Learning it from people who do it every day. The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course from is the global standard in agile training. Taught by New Zealand’s longest-standing Scrum trainer, Edwin Dando, who learned Scrum directly from the creators Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. If you want to learn how to master Scrum, this is the course for you.



The Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) course offers an engaging and interactive learning experience. It focuses on activity-based instruction to help students thoroughly grasp the fundamentals of Scrum.

Participants will develop a profound understanding of Scrum’s core principles. We will also unpack the agile mindset, and what makes a high-performing Scrum team.


This course includes the PSM1 Assessment (the base-level certification for Scrum Masters), as part of the fee. The assessment is done after the course, in your own time. All details are supplied as part of the course, including tips and tricks for preparing for the assessment.




This Scrum Master course uses experiential learning techniques and is best learned in person, not online. While we have taught it online during lockdown, experience has taught us that people learn much more when collaborating in person. We therefore only offer this two-day course in person.



$1,800 + GST per person standard rate.
$1,600 + GST per person early bird
(booked and paid for one month prior to the programme).
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Upcoming Scrum Master Classes


The next Scrum Master classes will be taking place in Auckland on:

Tuesday 18th June to Wednesday 19th June — BOOK HERE.

Thursday 17th to Friday 18th October — BOOK HERE.

Scrum Master Programme Overview

Developed by, this Scrum Master course has a strong focus on how to apply Scrum. It examines the underlying theory and principles behind why the framework is so successful. Students are challenged to think in terms of the core principles of Scrum, increasing their ability to apply Scrum at work.


Learning Objectives


  • Understand the Fundamentals of Scrum: Grasp the core principles, roles, events, and artifacts of Scrum, and how they interrelate to support project management and product development in an agile environment.
  • Embrace the Agile Mindset: Cultivate an agile mindset that underpins successful agile practices and how they differ from traditional project management approaches.
  • Master Scrum Practices: Learn practical Scrum techniques, including sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives, and understand how these practices foster collaboration and continuous improvement.
  • The Scrum Master accountabilities: Deepen your understanding of the Scrum Master accountabilities that help build a productive working environment.
  • Support Scrum Teams: Develop strategies to help Scrum Teams work effectively, resolve conflicts, and improve dynamics to enhance productivity and innovation.
  • Address Common Challenges: Identify common pitfalls and misconceptions in implementing Scrum and learn techniques to overcome these effectively.
  • Implement Continuous Improvement: Encourage a culture of continuous improvement through effective use of Scrum.
  • Prepare for Certification: Prepare for the Professional Scrum Master certification exam with an understanding of the exam structure, question formats, and key areas of focus.
Edwin Dando teaching Professional Scrum Master course
Learning Scrum Training

What other people said

This was hands down the best course I have ever attended. I feel really cheated for having done the Scrum Master assessment on my own and not getting the benefits of taking this course. Really well put together and explained and the use of anecdotal learning was phenomenal.

Jaime Ginnever — NZME

"The techniques taught in this course are relevant, powerful and actionable – and I believe will have a positive impact on our team as we can set priorities and make hard decisions that were, up to now, not being made to the detriment of the product, the customer and the business."

— Rob MacGregor

"The course was presented by Edwin and, from the beginning, you can see that he’s really passionate about the subject and has a lot of experience. I found the number of real-world experiences shown during the course really helped me to grasp the concepts and see how I can approach my current company/team."

Eduardo Maino – Orion Health

"Edwin Dando is truly a next-level coach – he does not simply regurgitate content but provides real life examples to back it up. There is a real feeling of a wealth of knowledge and experience. He also adapts the course content and delivery to the experience of the participants. Although I have completed facilitation and Scrum Master training before, I really enjoyed training with Edwin and felt that it provided a fresh perspective on Scrum principles."

Joanna Kopel – Gallagher Group