Design your own
Ways of Working

High-performing organisations execute at pace while maintaining the ability to quickly change course to meet a fast-changing market. Agile has undoubtedly helped, but for many organisations it has become a prescriptive set of rules and processes. But what if you could design your own ways of working?

Radically has built a reputation for pragmatically helping our clients achieve this. This workshop leverages that experience to help you design ways of working that meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Key Learning Outcomes


During this hands-on, one-day workshop, you will learn:

  • When to use iterative delivery and when not to.
  • How to use agile without incremental delivery. Despite the prevailing “agile wisdom”, not all agile should deliver increments of value to the customer every iteration.
  • When to use experiments to learn and adapt and when to switch focus to delivering outcomes and results.
  • How to select practices that work for your organisation from the main agile delivery frameworks in use today.
  • What tools and techniques from project management still apply to a modern setting.

You will come away with your own blueprint for the right blend of delivery principles and practices to fit your organisational context.

When: Weds 31 July 2024 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Radically, 3 Lorne Street, Auckland



$699 standard (GST excl.)

$599 early bird (GST excl, booked one month prior)

Ways of Working