Careers @ Radically

Who are we?

Radically’s mission is to help leaders transform their organisations to achieve radically better outcomes. We’re a consulting firm specialising in all aspects of organisational agility.

From rolling up our sleeves and kicking-off new agile squads, to coaching and guiding executive teams’ from NZ’s largest and most respected brands – we are passionate about inspiring those around us with the courage to be radical.

We like to think what makes us uniquely different from other consulting organisations, is that we wear our expertise lightly, so that our clients can focus on achieving business outcomes through agility and not the jargon that’s associated with it.

At the core, we are deep agile experts grounded firmly with pragmatic business acumen.

We live and breathe what we teach in our DNA, and we believe that by helping NZ businesses and their leaders thrive, we can contribute to a better future together.

Associate Agile Consultant, Auckland

We are currently looking for an Associate Agile Consultant to join our Auckland based team.  You will be a part of a highly collaborative team who are adept at solving complex challenges for our clients. Most of these require combining a strong sense of business acumen, with deep agile experience and expertise.

The role involves teaching, coaching and mentoring teams - taking them through launching as a new squad, through to helping identify key impediments that are stopping them from achieving high performance.

Alongside this, you will be exposed to wider organisational agility engagements across the firm, making it a great place to accelerate your career and growth, both in deep agile expertise, as well as solidify your business acumen.

Details of the role, including how to apply, can be found here.