Are you leading product teams? A Product Owner determines what to do and why, balancing experiments to reduce risk with the delivery of tangible business outcomes. While agile teams might go fast, they can quickly go to the wrong place without a competent driver.

This course is based on decades of hands-on work helping our clients build high-performance organisations. It is purposefully NOT a certified course, as we believe in sharing practical expertise from the coalface, not just classroom theory.



We emphasize how Product Owners manage the delivery of tangible business value and how they help ensure work is aligned with strategic business goals. You will gain practical tools to foster collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring that product development is focused on the most impactful features and aspects.

We will work through a real business scenario from concept to vision, rapid experimentation, customer testing and refinement into a Product Backlog of deliverable chunks of value.  You will come away with practical, hands-on skills that you can put into practice straight away, all based on how we coach, mentor and grow product owners in our daily consulting work.

Join us to enhance your ability to steer product development towards delivering real value.

Who is it for?


This course is ideal for anyone involved in determining the direction of agile teams, including:

  • Product Owners
  • Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Agile Coaches needing to develop a better understanding of Product Ownership
  • Project Managers



$1,800 + GST per person standard rate.
$1,600 + GST per person early bird
(booked and paid for one month prior to the programme).

We can also run this course inhouse. Please contact us for details.

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Upcoming Classes


The next classes will be taking place in Auckland on:

Thursday 20th to Friday 21st June 2024 — BOOK HERE.

Thursday 14th to Friday 15th November 2024 — BOOK HERE.



Ways of Working

Programme Overview

The course focuses on the four key areas:

Product Owner  – creating clarity on the Agile Product Owner role and day to day accountabilities. Learn the leadership style to successfully work with agile teams.

Strategic Alignment – How create a shared vision that aligns with the overall business strategy. Learn how to clearly articulate your product goals and objectives using a range of modern tools and techniques.

Prioritisation – to how to design meaningful Product & Sprint Goals, how to ordering the Product Backlog, how to forecast and making meaningful trade-off decisions.

Value – Define what value is, how to measure it, how to view it through the eyes of the customer, and what value means to your business. Understand how to manage value at multiple levels from strategic to portfolio, down to feature.  You will apply a number of modern practical tools, canvases and techniques that you can immediately apply at your workplace.

Product Ownership is such a vitally important part of agile. Agile ways of working can increase the speed of delivery, but without a clear Product Ownership, you can easily end up in the wrong place, faster. Through this course, you will gain the thinking, tools and techniques to become an effective product owner, capable of leading agile teams.

What other people said


I entered this Agile PO course with Radically as a traditional BA with a good understanding of agile and aspirations on becoming a PO. This course showed me the ropes, helped me multiple times on every stage of a project, my day-to-day accountabilities and eventually becoming a PO myself. One of the things that I liked most was the use of the facilitator’s own personal real-life examples as he grew within the product world and adapted it at every section of the course. I loved how every example also explained a specific recommended tool that could aid in situations such as the use of story mapping when defining MVP. I found the experience resourceful, practical and fun. I would recommend this course to any growing BA, to any PO looking to grow in the agile product world.

Upcoming Classes

Our next classes will be held on the 25th and 26th of March, in Auckland.