of Agile

This 2-day ICAgile-accredited course lays a strong foundation for anyone interested in applying Agile to any aspect of work.  The course helps people understand and develop the underlying mindset of Agile and how this mindset is brought to life through agile practices and frameworks.

The course is strongly experiential with students learning through immersive, hands-on activities that teach the key values, principles and practices of agile.

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Establish a strong foundation to build further agile learning upon,
in a safe, supportive environment.



This is the gateway to all other ICAgile learning tracks and lays an important foundation for further learning. All attendees who fully participate in this course obtain the ICP certification.



Radically are New Zealand’s agile transformation leaders. We have unparalleled experience applying agile within many of NZ’s leading firms. We take an approach of openly sharing our lessons to help ensure your learning is real.



We only run this course as a private, in-house course.

Key learning

  • The Agile mindset, values and principles
  • Teams – learn what makes a truly amazing agile team
  • How to maximise value and create transparency
  • Frameworks – learn the basics of Scrum and Kanban
  • Improve customer and employee outcomes
  • Shared goals and adaptive planning to achieve them
  • Estimation and prioritisation – how to estimate and prioritise your work

What other people said

Insightful and engaging. Goes into great depths but at the same time easy to understand. Lots of examples and case studies. Really shows the true power of agile when you do it right.

"The course material was excellent and extremely well delivered. Additional time was also spent allowing people to share industry examples and the training was also able to use his own experiences as tangle examples of how the training could be used".

"A well-rounded package that provides plenty of interaction and presented in an entertaining way – the best training I’ve had".

– Buzz Macintyre


We only run this course as a private, in-house course.