A community
for business leaders
to support one
another with the
challenges they
face modernising
their organisations

The Adaptive Leadership Collective

The Adaptive Leadership Collective is a safe and supportive space for leaders to help each other with the challenges they face modernising their businesses.

It was set up by Edwin in 2019 after many requests from business leaders looking for somewhere to discuss leadership related topics away from practitioners. The feedback from leaders was clear – there are many places for practitioners to gather, but very few places for leaders to discuss important topics such as culture, leadership, transformation approaches, executive support and operating models.

The ALC meets regularly around a theme, usually with a panel of experts speakers who offer guidance and share lessons with the community.

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Previous ALC Events

June 2022: Designing an Adaptive Operating Model

Most leaders want to make their organisations more adaptive and for many companies the answer is transformation. An organisation is more likely to succeed with transformation if they develop an operating model that is aligned with strategy. But designing an operating model is hard. Details of the meeting can be found here.

April 2022: The Great Resignation - Curse or Opportunity?

With record levels of people changing jobs in most markets, The Great Resignation is probably one of the largest movements of talent we have seen in living memory. There is little doubt it has arrived in New Zealand and will significantly impact business. No one knows how it is going to play out but together we explored the topic and shared perspectives and lessons. The notes and recording of the meeting are here.

November 2021: Building an Adaptive Organisation - an Executive Perspective

Given the last two years, it is no surprise that many firms are looking to become more adaptive.  Many try to achieve this using agile techniques, however on its own, agile lacks some critical ingredients required for success. In the final ALC meeting of 2021 we asked two experienced executives their throughs on Building an Adaptive Organisation: an Executive Perspective. The notes and recording of the meeting are here.

November 2020: Future Thinking - 2021: the Year Ahead

2020 was a difficult year for most. In the final Agile Leadership Collective meeting of 2020, we invited some of New Zealand’s most innovative speakers to discuss where they see their teams in the next year, major trends, and how to sustain momentum. The focus was on 2021 and future thinking: the year ahead. Access the notes from the meeting here.

September 2020: Adaptive Ways of Working from the COVID-19 Crisis

During the COVID crisis, we had to throw the rule book out the window and figure out how to best work together. We worked adaptively, across silos, to achieve the most important things for our customers. Learn how 3 NZ organisations are applying lessons from this crisis to make them more resilient and adaptive. Access the notes and recording from the meeting here.

February 2020: Agile Operating Models - beyond Spotify

The Spotify Model is the default go-to model for most organisations looking to scale agile to the enterprise. However, designing a new operating model for your firm is more than just copying something that worked in an entirely different context. In this meeting, we explore what alternatives there are to the model, including Holacracy. The notes from the meeting are here.

November 2019: The Role of HR in an Agile Organisation

How does HR lead, influence or support an agile transformation? What role can HR play? What is involved and what tends to change from a traditional HR model? The notes from the meeting are here.