One of the real highlights of 2019 for me was launch the Agile Leadership Collective.  The ALC has been an ambition of mine for many years and it was an honour to be able to draw together business leaders in one space to support one another with modernising our businesses.

A key concept of the ALC is that it is a leadership community. We wanted to create a safe and supportive space where leaders can support each other. We didn’t want yet another Meetup group. Instead we wanted something more intimate, professionally run and focused.  That’s why there aren’t any long presentations. Instead, the agenda is built on the day based on the attendees most pressing questions, as prioritised by the audience.

We have now successfully launched and we even developed a website. The key for 2020 is building on this success and growing the community further.  If you are a business leader looking to participate in a leadership community, please sign up to the Agile Leadership Collective mailing list.