Delivering a large-scale culture and business integration programme

In 2022, Mercury launched the Retail Integration Programme – a large, complex and far-reaching piece of work designed to bring Mercury and Trustpower together.  The programme is still in progress and spans culture, processes, data and technology, while also designing the future of Mercury’s retail business.  Realising traditional ways of working would not cut it, they adopted adaptive ways of working to not only deliver the programme, but to pave the way for how Mercury will work in the future.


Our March event dived into leading a large complex change programme encompassing multiple different delivery structures, including the leadership required for success.  The key topics we unpacked were :

  • The key lessons and challenges leading such a large, complex piece of work
  • Applying Adaptive Ways of Working to such a programme.
  • The leadership journey the team went on and changes experienced
  • Advice for senior leaders and executives who are embarking on ambitious change programmes


Sujith Ramachandra created this visual recording of the event.


There were some wonderful insights generated in what was a very honest, open and powerful learning opportunity.

A special thanks to Savonne WordsworthBraam Conradie, and Nick Pudney for sharing with the community.