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Radically Community Talks

Radically Community Talks are our way of helping the NZ business community. Every month, our team share the tools and techniques they use in their daily consulting work. It is a relaxed and fun way to learn something new and share in a connected discussion.  

Our focus is on how we can make organisations more adaptive, resilient and human. It is about wisdom, experience, community and transformation. Come join us!

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May 2022 – Visual Facilitation

Radically Community TalksWould you like to take your facilitation skills to an entirely new level? Have you ever noticed those amazing visuals or graphic recordings produced at conferences and meetups? This month at Radically Community Talks, Visual Facilitation maestros Sujith Ramachandra and Ellie Mackereth will help you develop visual facilitation skills. 

People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. Everyone can turn boring meetings into impactful, engaging events using a few basic tricks and tips. This is your chance to learn how! Come along to this fun and relaxed event and learn 

  • The basics of organizing ideas visually
  • How to use different tools and materials
  • Easy ways to improve your handwriting
  • How to start developing your own visual library

Radically Community TalksWe will supply all the required supplies so don’t worry about bringing stationary! Of course, you are welcome to bring a digital drawing device if you would prefer!

When: Tuesday, May 31st, 4:30pm networking and chat, 5pm start, 6pm finish

Where: Radically, Level 3, 55 High Street, Auckland. 

Who: Anyone!

Format: Relaxed, hands-on session with plenty of group discussion. 

Cost: free


  • Sujith Ramachandra’s motivation is to support teams and individuals to deliver valuable and impactful outcomes. He has a strong passion for visualisation and facilitation as has a strong following in the visualisation community. You can see his work and follow him on LinkedIn.
  • Ellie Mackereth is a high growth individual who loves nothing more than solving complex problems in dynamic environments.  She is on Radically’s fast-track programme as a future leader.
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