Frontline Experiences Leading the Adaptive Journey

Leading adaptive change can be daunting. What is the best approach? Do you “tear off the bandaid” with a big bang approach, or is it better to take a steady, iterative approach? What sorts of challenges might you face along the way and what sorts of ways might you solve these? How do you keep your executive team aligned when there are so many competing priorities? How do you obtain stakeholder buy-in and support for the change? Do you lead this yourself or do you partner?

Our October Adaptive Leadership Collective meeting featured Hannah Croft (Chorus) and Susan Parkes (Auckland Transport) who are leading this change in their organisations.

Our discussion spanned three key subject areas:

  1. Leading the organisational change – key lessons
  2. Managing the executive other stakeholders – what does and doesn’t work?
  3. Miscellaneous other topics including maintaining your own energy levels over a long journey, key tips and and tricks learned through experience.


The talented Sujith Ramachandra produced a beautiful visual recording of the session:. For a high resolution version, please click on the image.