Agile Leadership & Customer Centricity

The global COVID-19 crisis is forcing many organizations to respond with speed and organizational adaptability has suddenly become a necessity. But to achieve this we need to think about Agile Leadership the role it plays in unlocking Customer Centricity.

Agile isn’t new, but these unprecedented times make it more important than ever. An adaptive organization is more than many small teams. The way we lead our organizations plays a vital role in its responsiveness.

In this webinar, Carly Graham, Head of Customer Experience at Merlot Aero, joined us to share her journey and lessons learned from embracing Agile in Leadership.

She explained how this way of leadership fosters more agile ways of working and creates an environment where people can thrive and do what’s best for the customer. She also explained what the key pillars of Agile Leadership are and how they can help you unlock customer-centricity.

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” — Angela Ahrendts (Senior Vice President, Apple)

Webinar Recording

Supporting Documents

A copy of the slides can be found here.

The Agile Leadership Collective is a safe and supportive space for leaders to support each other with the challenges they face modernising their businesses. It is designed for people in “end-user” companies adopting agile (not consultants or agile practitioners).

Leading High Performing Teams – how leaders can adapt their style to one that better supports teams reach a high-performing state.

63% of Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders, yet trust is critical for agility.

Carly and Marlene discussed autonomy, empowerment and accountability. This article takes a deep dive into the topic.

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