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Free Agile Mindset Course

This Free Agile Mindset course can help you unlock the power of agile in a safe, supprotive environment.

Agile is challenging how companies are run and work is done. We’ve been at the forefront of agile since the beginning and have helped many of NZ’s largest firms reap the benefits of agile. Now it’s time for us to give something back.

We can’t train everyone so there are some terms and conditions. If you are a NZ company with 30 or more staff then please register below to learn how you can make your business more responsive, customer centric and effective.

To register, select the right course for you:

Auckland Central Wednesday 27th May

Note: Please be advised due to the current lockdown for COVID-19, this course date may be rescheduled to an online course.

*The Free Agile Mindset course is free however we request a donation to The Auckland Mission to support those in need.




What does the course cover?

The course will help you develop an agile mindset and provide an overview of agile techniques for your business. It is a non-technical course for agile in any situation, not just software and explores the underlying values, principles and practices of agile. As a result, you will obtain a solid appreciation of agile using practical outcomes that you can immediately put to use.


Who can attend the Free Agile Mindset course? 

You must come from a NZ company with more than 30 full-time permanent staff and have a genuine need to consider agile ways of working. You can send up to 2 people from the same organisation. Free Agile Mindset is not for consultants, vendors, independent contractors or service providers.


Is this a certified course?

No. If you require a certified course then please see our full array of courses available here.


Is this course technical?

No. It is an introduction to agile, the mindset and the approach for any business setting. It is ideally suited to those looking to better understand how agile can help them remain competitive and customer-centric in a world of continual change.


We want to train all our staff. Can we send them to the Free Agile Mindset course?

No. This course is for up to 2 people from the same organisation. If you would like to train more staff then please contact us. We have a range of different options to help you.


How do I register?

To register, click the event above that best suits you. We will ask you to make a donation to the Auckland Mission as part of your registration.