Explore the strategic potential of organisational agility and what is required to support it.

Changes wrought by digital technologies and the globalisation of markets have come at a breakneck pace in the past decade, forcing businesses to adapt or be swept aside. “Disruptor” companies have rewritten the rules in major industries like banking, telecommunications, utilities and transportation are transforming customer relationships.

It’s not surprising, then, that “agility” has become a commonly cited business imperative in recent years. But as the focus on agility — which began with specifically defined processes for driving incremental software development — has spread to other sectors, the term has become more ambiguous. These days it often is used as a synonym for more general attributes like speed or adaptability.

The objectives of the workshop are

  • To understand the strategic potential of agile
  • To understand the core agile principles and how they apply to a range of business functions.
  • To build awareness of where agile can be applied, and where it shouldn't.
  • To appreciate the type of leadership and management that works best with agile.
  • To explore how agile might work your organisation.

Duration: ½ day

Prerequisites: no prerequisites are required