Business is evolving faster than ever before. The ability to understand, measure and focus on value is vital. Learn how.

Agile ways of working can increase the speed of delivery, but if we don’t understand value then we can simply go to the wrong place, faster.

This course focuses squarely on managing value. Attendees learn how to define value in their specific business context, how to adapt to changes in how the market views value and how to test value assumptions. We apply a range of modern tools and techniques to teach the key principles and also provide attendees with tangible takeaways that can be applied in the workplace.

The course covers four key modules, using real and mock examples to illustrate a multitude of different tools and techniques.

  1. Value - Defining what value is, the different value types and which is applicable to your business.
  2. Product Management/Ownership - We will discuss the roles and responsibilities of those tasked with the direction of products and product features as well as outlining the way these decision makers elicit the best out of the teams they’re working with and the behaviours and characteristics expected of them.
  3. Strategic Value Alignment - Ensuring that the work you do is closely aligned with your companies strategic goals and objectives as well as clearly mapping you product goals and objectives out.
  4. Value Management - Breaking down Value Management into a distinct set of planning stages, starting with the company level and drilling down to the daily, team level. Giving modern, practical, tools, canvases and techniques that will allow the attendees to immediately take value from the course.

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites: a sound working knowledge of agile is required.

The course is taught using a highly experiential approach, where we explain the concepts using real life anecdotes of how we applied them in many of NZ’s top organisations. Attendees interact with the content in a very participative, activity-based way. We make extensive use of games, activities, peer-learning and reflection.

The course is accredited under the ICAgile curriculum and participants who actively attend the full course obtain the ICAgile Business Value Analysis (IC-BVA) credential.

  • “It was great. Honestly, I have to say it has been the best professional development course I have been on. I am normally very critical of facilitators (I have high expectations having been one for many years) but Edwin really met my expectations. He was a great facilitator who added a lot of value to the topics and concepts with lots of examples and practical advice. I also felt like he was able to get a good level of engagement from all the participants which really helped with the peer learning. I am new to the Scrum framework, but now I feel well prepared for the business challenges ahead and understand more on how Scrum and agile work in a product management world.”

    Ben Misfud