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Enterprise Agility

Many organisations implement agile ways of working in an environment designed for another age, resulting in frustration, misalignment and wasted effort.

Enterprise Agility helps structure organisations for a rapidly changing world. It involves the application of an agile mindset and practices across an entire organisation, both technical and non-technical.

We have proven experience in partnering with organisations to design and build for agility.

How we can help you:

// Operating Model Design

An operating model defines how value is created by an organisation. Many organisations apply agile ways of working to an incompatible, outdated operating model. We can help you avoid this by designing a model built for agility, outstanding customer experiences, quality, transparency and value creation.

// Ways of Working 

Agile Ways of Working leveraging the power of self-organizing, cross-functional teams that deliver frequent increments of customer value with the ability to respond rapidly and flexibly to change. Embedding this approach enabled adaptive planning, faster delivery, continuous improvement and customer-centricity.

// Leadership and Culture

The true power of agile is the culture it unlocks. An agile culture is built on an agile mindset and this requires a fundamentally different approach to leadership. Building an agile culture harnesses the power of the people in your organisation to find ways to be more adaptive, innovative and resilient in a fast-paced digital economy.

// Funding and Governance

In an agile organisation, authority is pushed to self-managing teams to collectively decide how to best deliver the business outcomes. The ability to adapt is a key benefit, however traditional models tend to discourage change. Agile funding and governance models are designed for change, with a strong focus on business value and alignment to strategy. We can help you establish fit-for-purpose governance for your organisation.

What our clients said about us:

“In Radically we found a versatile and values-led partner whose fresh thinking and experience in agile accelerated Vodafone’s implementation while helping us overcome challenges encountered along the way.”

Katie Williams, Human Resources Director Vodafone NZ

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