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Build Back Better Masterclasses

2020 – it’s been a tough year for everyone.  But some companies have not only responded to uncertainty – they’ve thrived. We believe NZ businesses can ‘Build Back Better’ by using 2020 as a learning opportunity for embracing adaptability

To close the year with a growth mindset, we are sharing some of the key practices we have used to help our clients succeed in 2020 over four one-day masterclasses.

Adaptive Planning & Governance - Big Room Planning and Supportive Governance

Facilitator: Marlene Stroj-Rullo and Dan Teo

Cost: $895 + GST per person

Date: Thursday 20th May 9 am – 5 pm

Location: Radically Consulting Ltd, Suite 8, Level 3, 55-57 High Street, Auckland.

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How can you ensure all your people are aligned to your company plans in a modern, collaborative way?  

A popular and successful practice we have been applying is planning and governance aligned to a quarterly rhythm. Think of it as running your business in quarterly iterations, with an aligned vision and the people doing the work shaping the plan.  

Big Room Planning is a critically important technique many modern organisations use to transparently review, plan and prioritise work for the next quarter. Radically has run Big Room Planning for many companies throughout NZ, including nearly 600 people over a three-day BRP session. 

Matthew Laing will teach you how to implement Big Room Planning and associated governance cycles in your organisation. You will learn how to apply an adaptive way of planning, prioritising and governing work across your organisation. This one-day masterclass will focus on:

  • Building blocks of adaptive planning and governance
  • What is Big Room Planning and how to run this event
  • Prioritisation in an adaptive organisation
  • The balance of Autonomy and Accountability
  • What is good governance and how it creates high-performing teams
  • Impediments forum and the role leadership plays in supporting organisational change

Adaptive Leadership - The Agile Manager

Facilitator: Edwin Dando

Cost: $895 + GST per person

Date: Thursday 10th June 9 am – 5 pm

Location: Radically Consulting Ltd, Suite 8, Level 3, 55-57 High Street, Auckland.

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An adaptive organisation is the product of its people’s mindsets. So how do we help people develop an adaptive, growth mindset that enables agility?

Many people have argued that “there are no managers in agile”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Managers play a critical role in organisational agility. It just requires a different mindset and updated management toolkit.

This masterclass helps managers understand how to better support their firms changing culture and ways of working – from “driving results” to designing environments where people can be successful.

You will

  • Learn how to create an environment that empowers your Agile teams to grow and prosper.
  • Understand how to give autonomy balanced with accountability
  • Apply the stances of an agile leader, from directive to facilitative and servant-leader
  • Learn to give honest, impromptu feedback that helps your people grow, along with establishing an environment of openness and trust,
  • Discuss how to use professional coaching skills with direct reports that help them grow.
  • Remove impediments that are slowing your teams down

A reasonable understanding of agile basics along with some experience working in an agile environment is an essential prerequisite.