The Agile Mindset

Learn the foundations of Agile in these highly interactive workshops. Take the free one-day workshop or the full two-day ICAgile certified course.

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There’s are lot misconceptions about agile. Many companies have tried to adopt agile, but have done it as framework or process. While they might be ‘doing agile’, they will likely not get the real benefits.

Agile is a way of thinking and operating and to get the true benefits it’s important to understand the underlying mindset and the founding concepts.

This workshop delves into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement.

Course participants come away with a solid understanding of core concepts as they prepare to embark on their agile journey. It is a non-technical to help people apply agile to any situation, not just software.

By the end of this workshop, you will have an understanding of:

  • The Agile mindset values and principles
  • Where agile does and doesn’t apply
  • Modern Agile
  • Value-driven development
  • Kanban and Scrum
  • Customer engagement
  • Design Thinking
  • Adaptive planning
  • Building successful teams

We also offer Agile Foundations workshops dedicated onsite at your place of work. Enquire here.