your delivery
with new ways
of working.

Agile for IT

Agile came from the need to improve software development and is now applied to many different types of work.  By frequently delivering small pieces of customer value, teams can obtain important customer feedback and change course as required.

We are deep experts bringing leading frameworks, practices and tools to our clients without jargon and complexity.

Our perspective is one of pragmatism with a strong business focus.

Our values drive how we think and operate – caring more, challenging further, and having the courage to be radical for the benefit of our clients.

How we can help you:

// Training

We have been at the coalface of agile for nearly 20 years and have worked with the founders of agile, both in NZ and overseas. As NZ’s practising experts, we can teach you the same mindset, practices, and techniques our team use every day.

Our courses are famous for their energy, participation and results. Our trainers have an unparalleled breadth of experience from working in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States and Europe.

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// Agile Coaching 

We can help you improve your capability by having our coaches mentor and guide your people. We provide guide rails to help your people to learn and apply new techniques while avoiding damaging pitfalls.

Our team are some of NZ’s most experienced practitioners. Our founders have worked with agile manifesto signatories and bring international experience to a NZ context. We are active in global communities which help us bring you the freshest thinking and ideas.

// Agile Delivery

If you have an agile project that is not working as it should we can quickly get it back on track. We’ve helped turn around countless agile projects and do so with a caring, supportive and lead by example approach. Wherever possible we take a mentoring approach so that you only need us there as long as we are required.

What our clients said about us:

Future Ready Programme

Find out how Radically has created a new and innovative approach to transitioning staff impacted by structural changes, into new, in-demand digital careers.

Vodafone Consumer

Hear how Radically helped Vodafone build Agile working through their Consumer business unit.

Vodafone Big Room Planning – Highlights

Witness a new way of working with Big Room Planning. See how Radically uses cross functional collaboration to align hundreds of people working in agile squads & tribes.