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We help organisations and
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What we do

Enterprise Agile

Apply Agile across the enterprise to better meet the needs of a complex business landscape.

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Enterprise Agile

Agile Coaching

Implement the agile mindset with principles and practices tailored for your organisation.

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Agile Coaching

Agile for HR & Business teams

Adopt Agile in your HR & Business teams to increase engagement and productivity.

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Agile in HR and business

Agile IT Delivery

Increase the agility and efficiency of your technology teams with new ways of working.

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Agile IT Delivery


Our outcomes


Improved Productivity


Customer NPS


Increased Engagement

Our insights

How to apply Agile in business

Edwin Dando — May 11, 2021

I recently spoke with a diverse group of small-medium business owners about how to apply agile in business.  The audience was both big and small firms from almost every business sector conceivable, from manufacturing to construction, media, health care, real estate right through to a[…]

The Power of Transparency

Edwin Dando — October 30, 2020

Transparency is critical for agility, but often the power of transparency is challenged by long-hold cultural norms. This article shares examples of the power of transparency and how it can be used to create breakthroughs in performance.

This is how your manager is holding you back

Tiziano Rullo — July 14, 2020

You probably don’t have to look very far to find people facing problems in their personal life or at work. They find themselves in a challenging situation and struggle to find a way out. Often times they are too focussed on all the negative things[…]